About Us
About Our Business

KentuckyGrown is developed and maintained by the operators of
Head of Happy Hollow Farm in Tollesboro, Kentucky.

Head of Happy Hollow Farm is a 190-acre farm at the Head of Happy
Hollow at the bottom and top of Esculapia Mountain at the top of the
high ridges.

Most of the farm is in managed timber, which we selective cut for our
sawmill to be turned into quality one-of-a-kind display pieces made
on commission (for example Kroger Stores and Shell Oil in
Maysville) as well as uniquely designed rustic birdhouses, bird
feeders, accent furniture, etc.

Other value-added farm products include a variety of nature-based
crafts, seasonal decorations, herbs (both fresh cut and dried and
herbal tea blends), quilts and other textile arts, and much, much

We also raise unique specialty fruit and vegetables, including more
than two dozen varieties of tomatoes, a multiple variety of beans,
three varieties of tomatillos (plus a new variety of tomatillo developed
here on the farm and still being fine-tuned) and a lot of other
heirloom vegetable varieties and native Appalachian plants.

We also have a small herd of Nubian dairy goats and an
ever-expanding beeyard to not only pollinate our fruits and
vegetables but also provide incredibly delectable honey.