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Music Review: The Skies have Eyes
Thursday, April 5, 2007: "Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands, Serve the Lord with gladness:
come before his presence with singing." (Psalm 100:1-2)
I've had the privilege of reviewing Christian music for many years, but Rich Millett's "The Skies Have
Eyes" caught my attention right off the bat at the start of the first track.
From there out it was smiles and tears but every song was wondrous and uplifting.
Rich Millett, of Atlanta, Georgia, definitely makes a joyful noise that the Lord would be proud of!
I had the singular opportunity to talk with Rich on the phone Thursday night. I could have written the
review without talking with him personally, but his music styles compelled me to speak to him one-on-
one, because his style is a bit different from what most people are comfortable with when it comes to
Christian music.
And Thursday evening on the telephone was a singularly uplifting experience for me. He called me on
his cell phone while caught up in Atlanta, Georgia, traffic on his way to church.
Rich's CD showed up in my mailbox on April 4. I put it in my player that evening and was spell-bound. I
shared the website with members of my world-wide in nternet church members (a website Church of
England but open to anyone seeking God) that same evening and they started analyzing the music
roots but all connected with the lyrics themselves.)
This evening (Thursday, April 5), I chatted with Rich Millett, in Atlanta, on the telephone, caught in
traffic on his way to church.
And without telling him what I myself, my husband (a musician himself) or i-church members who
visited the website, found in music roots, they were all there and more….
Beatles, Moody Blues, Pink Floyd, Elton John and Celtic music….
Rich also mention Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys, another influence that was just tenuous enough
that I almost recognized, and then Coldplay, which was brought to my attention by one of my fellow members in England. Can this loud joyful noise really be Christian?????
This is a CD that will definitely connect with the "children of the 60s", and will also connect with the
youngest one now.
But it will also connect with anyone looking for the light.
"Preaching to the Choir" brings us up short….it's safe to be there in church, feel righteous, and
believe we've done all that's required to "be saved" but it's not. .
This song should make the self-righteous feel uncomfortable and do something other than go out in
public to strangers demanding "are you saved????" or believe that because you show up in church
on Sunday that's enough. Rather, be like Christ and let your actions speaks words, rather than "get
into people's faces".
Rich Millett does a wonderful song on the first track "The Lord is Alive". . . (perfect for Easter coming
In any event, Rich Millet's "The Skies Have Eyes" made me smile, and sometimes brought tears to my
Personally, I loved every one of Rich's songs, but I'll go out on a limb here….
Besides "The Lord is Alive" and "Preaching to the Choir".
I particularly liked  "The Quickening" (a very Christ-like response to the very difficult abortion
decision)..."Man Upstairs" (the choir is really REALLY good!), "Heads Up" and "Dose of the Ghost".
"The Quickening", what can I say… such a difficult situation for any mother who is not happily awaiting
the event… God hold her and love her and the child…
"Man Upstairs"...Gospel music in modern terms with a wonderful church choir backing up singing!!!!
But everything else on the CD is every bit worth of a listen and the cost of the CD (and the cost at
$9.99 plus shipping is a bargain!)
It's not hard rock, but it's the late 60s early 70s.
I was, and I'm not easily amazed…but I am now… The Skies have Eyes, yes! the sheep are green! The
lyrics sing true to the heart and the soul.
The CD has been delivered to Danny Blankenship for his radio programs on WKKS Fm 104.9 in
Vanceburg on Wednesdays and Sundays, listen for it and visit  
The Skies Have Eyes to hear some of
the songs and get ordering information. The CD can also be purchased via Worth every