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Revival: Mamma's Teacup

What on Earth am I Here For?
Mom's Kitchen

I love my Mom’s kitchen.
“She is such a good cook,” we’d all say.
Each of us would eat our share.
She’d fill the bowls day after day.

I love my Mom’s kitchen.
The smells were as good as the rest.
Toasty, warm, delicious and inviting
We always knew its food would be the best.

I love my Mom’s kitchen.
She kept a shining, swept and mopped floor
Its windows covered with white ruffled curtains
You were always anxious to step through the door.

I love my Mom’s kitchen.
“It’s just rough country grub,” she’d say.
Beans, potatoes, gravy, chicken and such
And my, what biscuits on the table she’d lay.

I love my Mom’s kitchen.
She’d hum Amazing Grace as she worked.
Meal after meal she cheerfully ‘fixed’.
With a smile her duty she never shirked.

I love my Mom’s kitchen.
You think it’s gone and with it I’ve had to part.
Oh, No, my friend you are in error
My Mom’s kitchen is safely alive within my heart.

Like all the great things God gave us
I’ll always have my Mom and my Mom’s kitchen
My Lord forbade Satan or time or even death
To take it -- my life it will always en-richen.
I love my Mom’s kitchen
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Zora Elizabeth Bloomfield Clark